M.S.S.C. Scottish Open Trophy (originally awarded as the Trophy for Gallantry).

After the death of Jack Young in the eighties the supporters' club voted to dedicate the Trophy to him, and so it now carries the inscription -


The Trophy was purchased by donations from the Old Meadowbank terraces. Some years ago it was valued at 5,000 and it is probably substantially higher now.



M.S.S.C. Rider of the Year Trophy, first awarded in 1950. Actual wording on the plinth is 

Meadowbank Speedway
Rider of the Year Trophy

For many years it was awarded to the top average rider, now a vote is held. Winners as they appear on the plinth shown below.


The Raymond Jarvie Trophy.

This was purchased in 2005 in memory of the Monarchs' supporter who passed away the previous year at just 52 years of age. On the rear of the Cup, Master Engraver Ian Grant has carved a likeness of Raymond.

The award is for "An Outstanding Contribution to Monarchs" and the first recipient in 2005 was Rusty Harrison.



The George Wells Memorial Trophy

George Wells was a popular figure on and off track throughout Scottish Speedway, especially at Powderhall and Armadale. He continued racing throughout at least 4 decades, and worked tirelessly at our tracks. Sadly he was taken ill and died during 2004. Supporters contributed to a collection to provide a Trophy in George's memory, to be awarded to "The Most Improved Young Rider".  The Trophy was presented for the first time on 30/9/2005 to  Andrew Tully by George's daughter Laraine.



Winners' names (as printed on the plinth) are -

1950 Jack Young

1951 Jack Young

1952 Dick Campbell

1953 Don Cuppleditch

1960 D Templeton

1961 D Templeton

1962 D Templeton

1963 George Hunter

1964 George Hunter

1965 George Hunter

1966 D Templeton

1967 B Persson

1968 B Persson

1969 Reidar Eide

1977 Bert Harkins

1978 Rob Hollingworth

1979 Dave Trownson

1980 G Hunter

1981 Neil Collins

1982 Dave Trownson

1983 Dave Trownson

1984 Bobby Beaton

1985 Brett Saunders

1986 Les Collins

1987 Les Collins

1988 Jamie Luckhurst

1989 Les Collins

1990 Les Collins

1991 Les Collins

1992 Les Collins

1993 Michael Coles

1994 Kenny McKinna

1995 Mike Faria

1996 Mike Faria

1997 Peter Carr

1998 Peter Carr

1999 Peter Carr

2000 Peter Carr

2001 Peter Carr

2003 Frede Schott

2004 Frede Schott

2005 Rusty Harrison

2006 Theo Pijper

2007 Matthew Wethers

2008 Andrew Tully

2009 Ryan Fisher

2010 Ryan Fisher

2011 Andrew Tully

2012 Craig Cook

2013 Craig Cook

2014 Craig Cook

2015 Craig Cook

2016 Sam Masters


The Trophy was not engraved with the 2002 winner which was Peter Carr.


Until 2006 the winner was the top average rider over the season. In 2007 some riders were excluded for not having completed enough matches (Correy, Laukkanen). In 2008 this was altered completely and the award made by voting.



Awarded to the Most Improved Young Rider -

2005 Andrew Tully

2006 Derek Sneddon

2007 Matthew Wethers

2008 Aaron Summers

2009 Dale Lamb

2010 Kalle Katajisto

2011 Kyle Howarth

2012 Ryan MacDonald

2013 Max Fricke

2014 Stevie Worrall

2015 Max Clegg

2016 Dan Bewley




Awarded for an Outstanding Contribution to Monarchs - 


2005 Rusty Harrison

2006 George Taylor

2007 Derek Sneddon

2008 John Campbell

2009 Scott Wilson

2010 Ronnie Anderson

2011 Graham and Maureen Duff

2012 Graeme Campbell

2013 Jim Syme

2014 Mike Hunter

2015 Ron MacNeill

2016 Margaret Sutherland
































Winners' names (as printed on the plinth) are -

1950 Clem Mitchell

1951 Eddie Lack

1952 Jimmy Cox

1953 Dick Campbell

(The first four presentations were the award for Gallantry)

1960 Dougie Templeton

1961 Trevor Redmond

1962 Dougie Templeton

1963 Maurie Mattingley

1964 George Hunter

1965 Arne Pander

1966 Bill Landels

1967 Barry Briggs

1968 Martin Ashby

1969 Reidar Eide

1981 Wayne Brown

1983 Phil Collins

1984 Mitch Shirra

1985 Jamie Luckhurst

1986 Les Collins

1987 Neville Tatum

1988 Steve Lawson

1989 Todd Wiltshire

1991 Greg Hancock

1992 Greg Hancock

1993 Michael Coles

1994 Ben Howe

1995 Bobby Ott

1996 Shane Parker

1997 Peter Carr

1998 Frede Schott

1999 Peter Carr

2000 Peter Carr

2001 Andre Compton

2002 Peter Carr

2003 Sam Ermolenko

2004 Rory Schlein

2005 David Howe

2006 Stanislaw Burza

2007 Daniel Nermark

2008 Rory Schlein

2009 James Wright

2010 Josef Franc

2011 Rory Schlein

2012 Andrew Tully

2013 Craig Cook

2014 Sam Masters


The Trophy was awarded in 1981 for the Carlo Biagi Testimonial, and in 1983 for the George Hunter Testimonial. In 1990 the Scottish Open was postponed, and restaged in 1991 in conjunction with the Four Team Tournament qualifier. The Trophy was not presented (winner was Les Collins). The 2009 staging was rained off and held in 2010.