In 1999 with the assistance of our design specialist Allan McDade of the September Agency, Monarchs acquired their own tartan. It can be viewed on the website using the Tartan Search facility, name "Edinburgh Monarchs". It has an ITI (International Tartan Index) number of 4794.

The tartan was used in the programme cover for 1999 and subsequent years, and in manufacturing some superb woollen scarves which also had the Monarchs' logo embroidered.

Some years later Derek Newton managed to locate a kilt shop prepared to organise the manufacture of tartan cloth and produce kilts in relatively small quantities. This was R & I MacDonald of West Calder. The tartan was duly produced and eventually used to manufacture 5 kilts which are the property of -

1. Derek Newton

2. Bill Hamilton

3. Dave Myles

4. Ron Jarrett

5. Mike Hunter

The material has now (January 2007) been used up and if anyone else wants a kilt in Monarchs' tartan they will have to have some new cloth manufactured.