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Carlo Biagi
Carlo Biagi John Doherty gives Carlo the keys to his new Rover
BIAGI, CARLO: Born Maybole, Ayrshire. The 'Miracle doctor', one of the sport's most respected figures and the only non-rider ever to receive a Testimonial. His first speedway involvement was at Southampton, and later he was track doctor at Old Meadowbank from 1965 and throughout the Powderhall era. It could be fairer to say that he was speedway doctor for the whole sport for many years, as injured riders almost invariably called on Carlo to speed their recovery.

He was awarded a successful and well deserved Testimonial at Powderhall on 5/6/1981, after which he was presented with a new Rover car. This was the brainchild of the then Edinburgh general manager John Doherty, a good friend.

Eventually Carlo retired in the late nineties but he still visits speedway and meets up with his many friends.

He also has strong links with rugby (Gala) while wife Bridget, daughter Leigh and son Simon are prominent in the entertainment world.