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Norrie Allan
Norrie in the workshop with Ivan ACTION PHOTO OF NORRIE SOUGHT
ALLAN, NORRIE: Born 6/5/54 Edinburgh, first rode at Coatbridge in 1974 and spent three years in the second half there. When Edinburgh reopened he featured in the 1977 Junior League side and became a popular performer. Aware of his own lack of real potential he accepted an offer to join the Mauger entourage and played a big background role in lvan's career for eight years culminating in the World Series and the successful Farewell to Scotland meeting at Edinburgh. Thereafter left the Mauger group to run a pub in Bristol with brother Ronnie, a speedway ref. Later worked with Shawn Moran and Leigh Adams before starting another long-term relationship with Mark Loram. This helped the Englishman to a World title in 2000 and ensured Norrie’s place as one of the most important background figures in the sport.