In the mid sixties Poland vied for the title of World no. 1 with the Swedes. Scotland dared to take them on, at Old Meadowbank on 30th July 1966, and they took a bit of a hammering. The score was 29-79, a bit worse than the Scots expected even against such illustrious opponents. This is the start of heat 6 - the score is already 8-22 and this one also finished 1-5. The Poles seemed to have exceptional machinery. Riders leaving the start are (l to r) Ken McKinlay, Konstantin Pociejkowicz, Doug Templeton and Edmund Migos. The Poles had 6 riders in double figures and the top Scot was McKinlay on 9! The following year the Scots beat the Poles, but to do that they had to draft in locally based Scandinavians.

Photographer: Drew McLaren.