Few would disagree that Peter Carr was the dominant personality of the first decade at Armadale. Almost from his first day with Monarchs, his thrilling style and unique abilities kept everyone transfixed. At times he seemed genuinely unbeatable at Armadale. In 1998 he was so impressed with Kenny McKinna's Gathering that he asked about a 20-year celebration meeting himself in 1999. This actually marked a career spanning 21 years, and by 2003 he accepted the offer of a second Motor Show for 25 years. Eventually he completed 8 seasons as a Monarch, even though he had been 34 when he first joined us in 1997. The photo follows the final of Motor Show 2, in the Championship season, with long term friends Joe Screen and Steve Johnston (meeting winner) and team mate Rory Schlein.

Photographer: Jimmy Grant.