The Britain v Overseas series were popular in the fifties and sixties in NL Division 2 and the Provincial League. They were very suitable for stagings in Edinburgh because several Monarchs' riders were candidates for both sides in these Test matches. It was also a useful showcase for seeing some of the most popular riders of the time. Hoskins chose to finish the 1962 season with one of these matches, and there were four Monarchs on show as well as the Overseas team manager. The result was 60-48 to the British side though the individual top scorer, and the winner of the 'Top Four' heat which was the last of the season, was Wayne Briggs. This is the Overseas side, from l to r: Bill Andrew, Wayne Briggs, Dudley McKean, Charlie Monk, Geoff Mudge, Dick Campbell (manager); (front) Graham Warren, Brian McKeown, Trevor Redmond.

Photographer: Drew McLaren.