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This poem from the 1952 season came to us via long-term supporter Fred Amos (ex-Evening News).

Some time after we had put the words on the website we were contacted by Louise Forrest, who knew much more about the origins of what actually turned out to be a song. Not only that but the song was recorded, by a group known as "The Westerners" who were members of MSSC Western Branch. The recording was made at GRAHAM'S RECORDING SERVICE, 1 Haddington Place in late 1951 or early 1952.

When Louise saw the words on our website she told us the story, and a search for a copy of this old record proved successful. It has now been digitally re-recorded and enhanced by Peter Forrest.

"The Westerners" on the occasion of this recording were Charlie Burns, Margaret Richardson, Tommy Stirling and Betty Kebbel. Tommy is the uncle of Alan Robertson and is now nearly 90. Charlie and Margaret are now dead, and it is believed Betty lives in Lockerbie.


(With apologies to Galway Bay)

At Meadowbank there dwell the Merry Monarchs
The Speedway team who's name's spread far and wide 
And to see the Blue and Gold boys cross the line first
Fills every true supporter's heart with pride

Now captain Bob has made his Mark in Speedway
A local boy who quickly reached the top
When the tapes go up he's off his Mark like lightning
And nothing but the red light makes him stop

We must remember Richard from New Zealand
When Cock O' the North is played we wave our lids
If this Wall of Death man's missing from the Lineup
You'll find him making snowballs for the kids

A Don's a man who teaches at a college
In Spain he is a grandee from Madrid
At Meadowbank he's one of our top riders
He's commentator Kelly's Candy Kid

Another die-hard Monarch's Harold Fairhurst
The boy who sailed away from Wigan pier
When Harry got his max against the Heathens
The forces in Korea heard the cheer

Now a Londoner who found his way to Scotland
Decided that he'd stay and not go back
And though he's got more than his share of trouble
Courage is something Eddie doesn't Lack

In the shipyards down at Leith they have a welder
A wee chap four feet nothing in his socks
Though he's small he's got a heart as big as London
That young daredevil smiling Jimmy Cox

A wee lad came up here from way down yonder
And some folks tried to tell us "He's too Young"
He became World Champion last September
In every speedway pit his praise is sung

They can send the Cheetahs, Eagles and the Bees here
The Heathens, Hunters, Potters and the Chads
Bring the Tigers, Giants, Bloaters or the Pirates
You'll find that they're no match for Clem's Braw Lads.