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POWDERHALL MEETINGS 19801986 (* = no commentary, ** = black & white with no commentary, otherwise all are in colour with commentary). 1980 v Exeter* 1981 v Wolverhampton, v Sheffield**, v Norway*, v Rye House** 1982 v Ellesmere Port (K0)*, v Mildenhall*, v Rye House*, v Canterbury*, v Crayford*, Stoke*, v Weymouth* 1983 v Scunthorpe, v Oxford, v Milton Keynes, v Peterborough, v Berwick, v Canterbury, v Boston, v Stoke, v Exeter, v Middlesbrough (NL) 1984 v Middlesbrough (NL), v Long Eaton, v Hackney, v Canterbury, v Weymouth, National Fours QR, v Middlesbrough (Ch), v Rye House, v Berwick (KO), v Glasgow, v Peterborough, v Milton Keynes, v Berwick (NL) 1985 v Glasgow (SI), v Barrow, World Championship QR, v Ellesmere Port (KO). v Long Eaton, v Canterbury, v Berwick (SI), v Hackney, v Arena Essex, v Exeter, v Birmingham, National Fours QR, v Middlesbrough, v Barrow (juniors), v Rye House, v Berwick, V Mildenhall, v Milton Keynes, v Glasgow, v Peterborough, v Poole, v Sheffield, v Wimbledon, The Mauger Farewell to Scotland, v Stoke, v Mildenhall (aban. after 3 heats), v Eastbourne, v Ellesmere Port (NL), v Glasgow (SC), v Mildenhall, Stelrad Scottish Open. 1986 v Glasgow (Ch), v Stoke, v Wimbledon, v Berwick (Ch), v Glasgow (KO), v Exeter (aban. after 2 heats), v Birmingham, v Milton Keynes, v Middlesbrough, v Newcastle, National Fours QR, v Arena Essex, v Long Eaton (KO), Junior Grand Prix, v Rye House, v Canterbury, v Berwick, v Eastbourne (KO) + Stelrad Games Bonanza, v Peterborough, v Hackney, v Mildenhall, v Boston, v Poole, Stelrad Scottish Open, Collins Select v McKinna Select, Dave Trownson Testimonial.

From May 1987 our upgraded camera has brought high-quality recordings, and we have listed these meetings in more detail showing any interviews which have been added, as well as an ENTERTAINMENT RATING out of 10.

Here is a picture of Mike Hunter who commentates on 99% of the meetings videod.